Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ask Jo! It's Talk Time Tuesday & a winner~

Hello my sweet friends!
Welcome back to another Talk time Tuesday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I ended up catching a nasty chest cold so I've been congested and my asthma has kicked in high gear. I have used my inhaler more in the past few days than I have in the past 12 months. Aahh here is to hoping that Spring comes soon and these arctic temperatures go back to Alaska! LOL

Moving right along... today's question comes from Jose who wants to know, " my question is not paper crafting related. I hope that is ok? I would liking to know if you will share stories of when you were little girl. I like to meeting you better?"

 Well hello Jose! Hmm... I will admit this question kind of made me think! And I have always told all of my readers that you can ask anything at all (as long as topic is appropriate) and I will do my best to answer! So you want to get to know me better and want me to share a little something from my past? Ok.... one story that I guess I would like to share takes me back to when I was 10 years old. It was April 16, 1984 and I was in school in the auditorium with the rest of my class and the school. It was an award ceremony covering things like student of the month, honor roll, academics, attendance and lastly, our spring talent show. Well to my disbelief and shock, my name was chosen as the winner of our spring talent show!!! I had decided to sing the song, "Borderline" by Madonna. I had no idea I would win! So what was my prize? That is what is the best part, better then winning the entire school talent contest!! I won a trip to the White House to have a birthday dinner with President Ronald Reagan!! He was having a late birthday celebration, dinner, cocktails and dessert and I swear there must have been 50-60 people there! I was in awe! I felt star-struck literally! So my role in all of this was to not only have dinner in the White house with the president of the United States... but I won the privilege to sing "Happy Birthday" to him when the cake came out! So cool huh? I thought so anyways! So that is my story Jose! And what most of you do not know about me is that I was born with 2 extremely beautiful talents; writing and singing. I have had over 25 poems and 7 short stories published. I have 12 poems published in the Poetry's Guild. I also had a vocal coach from the age of 12 to 17 and I won many singing competitions. I was even offered the opportunity at the age of 13 to fly out to California and do some studio time to create a demo but unfortunately, times back then were very tough financially for my mom and grandfather that I was unable to go. My dream was to always be a songwriter and singer and well, life happens. I got married at 18 and had my first child at 19. You all know how the rest goes. :)

 Now moving along.... last week I opened up a linky for everyone to play along in the decoupage challenge. Only one person was brave enough to play along or had the time to play.... so the winner of the decoupage challenge goes to Melissa who created this..
To learn more about how she created this gorgeous post card, click her name above and visit her blog. Melissa please send me your address to joann6274 at gmail dot com so that I can get your prize out to you!

Well friends, that is it for today. Please write in with questions you want answered or topics you would like to see talked about during our Tuesdays together :) 

 Thanks for stopping by and until next time.... Enjoy life's blessings~


  1. what a delightful and uplifting story! I am a bit star struck myself, reading about a lovely lady who actually sang for and had the privilege to meet the president! Cuddles Jay xx

  2. What a lovely story!! I enjoy getting to know more about you!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. That was a great question to ask and I loved hearing your story Jo. How awesome to have dinner with Ronald Reagan, a president!!! I loved him as our president so I'm in awe that you got to eat with him and sing to him. I didn't know you wrote poetry either or are published with your writings. Very cool and interesting to know. Hugs, Brenda

  4. Such a wonderful story and really liked that question. Congrats to Melissa!!
    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well my friend. Sending you hugs and my prayers.
    Have a wonderful day,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  5. What a great story Jo! Wow, how exciting for you to have dinner with the President! It's fun to get to know you even more!
    Have a great week my friend... and get better!!!
    Sherrie K

  6. I love your story !!!! How amazing and wonderful to be born with the beautiful talents of writing and singing Jo !!! That is a true blessing !!!! I hope you feel better soon !!!


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